Friday, July 15, 2011

Made it to the MTC!

This is Michael's mom :).  I'll be updating his blog for him while he's away, including excerpts from the emails he sends home about his experiences.  Michael left San Francisco yesterday at 6:00 am.  A very early trip to the airport! 

He arrived in Atlanta where he met up with some other missionaries for the flight to Manchester.  We had been told by the church that we should assume that he made it there ok, and that "no news was good news".  But this morning we got an email!

"I'm at the MTC safely.  Its actually sunny not rainning, weird I know!  So our P-Day is on Tuesdays.  It's been a really long day, and I have slept most of the day so im probably not gonna sleep tonight.  I was pretty discouraged and wanted to come home when I was all alone, but then I met up with the missionaries and they are all really nice.  Today we have nothing planned so we can just relax and unpack and everything.  It seems so unreal that I'm actuallly on a mission.  But I'm in Engalnd, weird.  Orientation is almost over and so we can just kick it. I love you guys and miss you."

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  1. That is exciting! I am glad to hear that he made it there ok and that they gave him some time to get over the jet lag. I can't believe he is out there!!!