Monday, December 26, 2011

week 24

The Ward Christmas Eve party was really fun, we just sang Christmas carols and then had treats after.  I had to eat mince pies which were absolutely disgusting.  On Christmas Day we went over to a family's house right after church and we hung out with them and had some snacks.   He is the elders quorum president and he is awesome!  We were driving to his house because he took us, and we pulled over because some guy was lying on the ground with his bike. so we jumped out of the car and ran over.  It was windy and I felt like I was in a cop movie in my suit and stuff, I felt like I was in Burn Notice.  After that we went to another home.  She is the nicest lady EVER!    We went to eat, and there were like 10 people there, so it was a regular old party.  We came home and I just fell asleep at around 8:00, I was soooo tired.  Today(Boxing Day) was a full p-day so we just did some shopping and emailed and went to a lunch appointment.  Then we went to the arboretum and played some footy (football).  It was really fun!  I had a fun time just kicking it around.  
 The building we meet in looks like ours just a little bit smaller, actually alot smalller haha.  My mission president, President and Sister Ogden are the best!  I love them sooo much and they leave in July, so when I'm out about a year I'll get a new mission president.  I will be really sad because I will miss them.  I'm still in Walsall and I have been here for about 2 transfers and I'll be here for a while.  I'm excited for the future.  There are a lot of good things ahead. 
Pictures from the mission Christmas party December 23 at the mission home:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas

Editor's Note:  Missionaries are allowed to call home twice a year, on Christmas and Mother's Day.  To cut down on cost, international missionaries are allowed to skype.  We were able to see and talk to Michael this morning!  And through a couple of technological glitches, we found that he looks wonderful and sounds great!  He is happy!
Happy Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

week 23


My new companion is pretty funny and cool, I'm excited for this transfer.  He has served in Cardiff Wales, Harborne Birmingham, Aberystwyth Wales,  and Wooster Cheltenham.  He goes home in February,  I'm not sure what date but that month. 
I can't figure out the Christmas message!  The only letter I got was the "i" haha because of the velcro--there were two dots hahaha  it is hard. 
As for our Christmas plans:
  • Thursday about half the mission will be meeting in the bullring (a giant mall) at 6:30pm.  We will find a nice place and sing Christmas carols all night.  I'm really excited for that. 
  • Friday, we have the Christmas party at the mission home.  That will  be soooo fun!!
  • Christmas Eve (Saturday) we have a ward party so that will be really fun. 
  • Christmas Day (Sunday) we have a 1 hour Sacrament service in the morning and then we are going to a family's house for lunch, the Pullen family.  Then we head over to Sue and Wanda's and we spend the rest of the night with them.  We eat, play games, skype!!, have fun. 
  • Boxing Day (Monday) we are going over to the Smith's and playing some futbol with the kids at the park and we have lunch with this lady Evelyn.  Then shopping for sweet deals because everything is like 90% off on Boxing Day haha not really but there are some really good deals. 
That's our weekend!  It is going to be absolutely crazy and jam packed! 
It is freezing cold here hahaha and it hasn't snowed yet. Everything is just iced over.  We were biking last night and we pulled into this street and both me and Elder Steed slipped and slid on the ice hahahaha it was sooo funny.  No one got injured because we were biking really slow and kinda screwing around but it was hilarious haha. 
Views from the flat of one of our investigators. he is in a tower flat on the 15th floor, it is amazing!

Monday, December 12, 2011

week 22

(Editor's Note:  It had taken some time for Michael to get the mailing tube I had sent to him with his Christmas poster inside--by the way, thanks to all those who participated in Project 25!)   I did get the mailing tube finally! I'm still trying to decode the message, i have no idea--I'm gonna sit down today and try to do it.  Funny story about the parcel.  So it was late one night, like 9:30, and we got a knock on the door.  I'm just like, "what is this?"  I look out the peephole and it's some random guy holding a mailing tube haha.  So I open the door and he's like, "hey the postman was downstairs, so I thought I'd bring this to you so you could have it now."  I was like, "thank you sooo much!"  Then we saw him a couple days later and we started chatting with him and we gave him a card and stuff, he is really cool!  He said he might be interested in learning more about our church!
Michael and Elder Steed

My new companion is Elder Steed.  He is way cool!  He has been out 21 months.  So I'm sure I will kill him, (that means to be his last companion).  We are going to work hard to try and find a family to teach this season.  He is really short haha, and not just because Elder Siegel was really tall.   He is from St. George Utah.  

I haven't gotten lost that much, actually I'm kind of surprised!  I'm finding my way around fairly well!  Hahaha if I hit Scotland I'll be sure to take a picture first, then Ill ring up president!
Our investigators seem to be doing well and we have found loads of new investigators as well, so that is really cool!  I'm just excited for this transfer, I feel that we are going to have a lot of success. 
Michael's Christmas tree
Well I kind of hoped there would be snow but there isn't any snow yet and probably wont be any :(  There are lights everywhere and a tree set up in town centre. Nothing compared to the tree in San Francisco hahaha, but it is trying to be.  Everyone seems happier and we are singing carols to people on the street.  Last night we stopped this lady and we said, "hey, we are singing Christmas carols to people tonight, what is your favorite""  She said, "Silent Night".  So we sang  Silent Night to her and she started singing with us as well.  She wasn't interested in the church but you could see she was happier and that is cool!  We made her night a little better, and gave her a good impression of the missionaries.  

Michael's district

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

week 21

We just got back from transfers.  Oh man last transfer just flew by!!  Elder Siegel got transferred :(  Im really sad because I love him!!  We were talking, and missionary work is really, really hard.  You love a companion and you get split up, you love an area and you leave.  The Lord tests your patience and diligence.  My new companion is Elder Steed.  I went from serving with the tallest companion in the mission to the shortest lol.  I don't know him well but I hope we can be best friends because that makes it so much easier. 
The mission is being all shuffled around.  President Ogden leaves in just about 6 months and we will get a new Mission President, so he is preparing the mission and there are a lot of weird changes. Our district got split in half and Elder Siegel is actually my district leader.  He is also serving in his greenie area!  Which is so cool. 
We are teaching a lot of really cool people and the ward is the best!  I'm really excited for what can happen this transfer.  I'm a little worried I have to lead the way and be in charge because I "know the area" but the problem is I'm directionally challenged, you know that.  So I'm scared I will get lost all the time.  The Lord is testing me I know it. 
I want to leave you with my testimony and a challenge.  The Book of Mormon is true.  It changes lives.  It is amazing.  It is the word of God and it is powerful.  This church is true.  Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Redeemer.  I would like to challenge you and all the readers of the blog to recommit yourself to the gospel, especially during this Christmas season.  Remember what this time is really about--The Saviour Jesus Christ.  Be more like him this season.  Help those in need,  the poor the weary, the lonely.  Stand up and do good. and think of this song...
have i done any good in the world today, 
have i helped anyone in need,
have i cheered up the sad, and made someone feel glad,
if not i have failed indeed.
This song made me realized I don't do enough.  Get up, get out, and help those who need it.  I promise that as you do you will gain the pure love of Christ and your life will be changed.  You will have charity and love for all that cross your path and your desire to help will increase along with your love for the Saviour.