Monday, December 12, 2011

week 22

(Editor's Note:  It had taken some time for Michael to get the mailing tube I had sent to him with his Christmas poster inside--by the way, thanks to all those who participated in Project 25!)   I did get the mailing tube finally! I'm still trying to decode the message, i have no idea--I'm gonna sit down today and try to do it.  Funny story about the parcel.  So it was late one night, like 9:30, and we got a knock on the door.  I'm just like, "what is this?"  I look out the peephole and it's some random guy holding a mailing tube haha.  So I open the door and he's like, "hey the postman was downstairs, so I thought I'd bring this to you so you could have it now."  I was like, "thank you sooo much!"  Then we saw him a couple days later and we started chatting with him and we gave him a card and stuff, he is really cool!  He said he might be interested in learning more about our church!
Michael and Elder Steed

My new companion is Elder Steed.  He is way cool!  He has been out 21 months.  So I'm sure I will kill him, (that means to be his last companion).  We are going to work hard to try and find a family to teach this season.  He is really short haha, and not just because Elder Siegel was really tall.   He is from St. George Utah.  

I haven't gotten lost that much, actually I'm kind of surprised!  I'm finding my way around fairly well!  Hahaha if I hit Scotland I'll be sure to take a picture first, then Ill ring up president!
Our investigators seem to be doing well and we have found loads of new investigators as well, so that is really cool!  I'm just excited for this transfer, I feel that we are going to have a lot of success. 
Michael's Christmas tree
Well I kind of hoped there would be snow but there isn't any snow yet and probably wont be any :(  There are lights everywhere and a tree set up in town centre. Nothing compared to the tree in San Francisco hahaha, but it is trying to be.  Everyone seems happier and we are singing carols to people on the street.  Last night we stopped this lady and we said, "hey, we are singing Christmas carols to people tonight, what is your favorite""  She said, "Silent Night".  So we sang  Silent Night to her and she started singing with us as well.  She wasn't interested in the church but you could see she was happier and that is cool!  We made her night a little better, and gave her a good impression of the missionaries.  

Michael's district

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