Monday, May 28, 2012

week 46

Hello from Haverfordwest!!  

Things here are going good.  We are finding loads!  We have started teaching a new investigator. She is nice and interested, so we took her to a baptism in New Castle Emyln and she really enjoyed it.  Then she came to church and even brought a friend so that was cool. I hope she progresses and stays interested. 
We are kicking it with the Zone Leaders today and we're going to go to the beach so that will be legit!
I'm pretty pumped for that!   

I am really enjoying being on a mission and even though 95% of the time it's difficult I don't regret coming and I wouldn't change a thing because without difficulties you can't learn and grow.  It is amazing that at the end of the transfer I will have been out 1 year!  Crazy how fast it goes.  It's scary!
We were at church the other day and the son of the branch president comes up to me and gives me a big hug and looks up at me and says I want to be a cool missionary like you when I go on my mission.  That is the first time he has ever really brought up going on a mission.  I know I have been sent to Milford Haven to help him and his brother and to give them and greater desire to want to serve missions,  if they go that will be the greatest moment ever.
Also, the Olympics are starting soon and we were driving home from church the other day and there were loads of people on the paths and we were like what's up with all this traffic,  and then we realised they were walking the Olympic torch through Haverfordwest.  Then, boom, we saw the lady carrying the torch!!  I saw it--it was awesome!!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

week 45

It's beautiful weather here in Wales, the sun is shining and the sky is blue!  It's awesome!  Today we have done some shopping, browsing around some stores, and looking for a bike rack for the senior couple's car.  It's a good day today! 

It's been a good but challenging week.   We have been talking to everyone and in the past couple of days we have handed out 5 books!  

 We drove by Aberystwyth the other day for a baptisimal interview and the sky was gorgeous!


Ocean view with cottage


Thursday, May 17, 2012

week 44

Me and my new companion, Elder Brewer

It was transfers this week, so I'm staying in Milford Haven and my new companion is Elder Brewer, who was in my group when we came out on our missions! That's kinda cool we get to serve together.  He is very obedient and very dilligent.  I'm excited for this transfer.  Elder Brewer is the District leader so that will be cool.  I'm excited for that!   It's all good.  We have a senior couple here now so we are going to meet up with them around 2 and have some lunch.  That will be sweet we can get to know them. 

I can't believe I've been out 10 months!

Michael and the Martin boys

My "Artsy" picture!
Me and Elder Walton--he went home!

Me and Elder Zundel, he goes home in 6 weeks.

Monday, May 7, 2012

week 43

Things here are good.  We have been doing loads of service for the members and we are teaching a couple of really cool people.  Transfers is next Wednesday so you'll here from me Sunday:) and then Wednesday or Thursday depending on what happens.  We are getting a senior couple here so that will be really cool!  

This area has soo much potential, it really just takes hard work, as with anything in missionary work.  As we do our part and trust in the Lord, he will do his part.  It's an amazingly simple formula:
work hard+obedience=blessings!  

We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was sooo cool!  The Stake President is the bomb!  
The vision for the stake is to bring 1 in and bring 1 back so we can all go back!  It's pretty cool!  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

week 42

The experience I had last week with the man coming up to us on the street and referring us to his friend really helped me to see that "no effort is wasted"  Everything we do as missionaries has an impact on the lives of people and even though they may never move forward in our time table, that doesn't mean we aren't successful, it just means that it's not there time and we are mearly a tool used in the process of their conversion. 
I have an amazing story!  Our convert from Swindon has the priesthood and he is actively attending the temple to do baptisms for the dead every week and he is preparing to go through the temple and receive his endowment!!  I'm so happy for him and it made me realize that, that right there is the goal--the temple.  I love it!!
We are trying to find a solid investigator that wants to move foward, unfortunately the one investigator we had has dropped of the radar and we can't get ahold of her or anything :( We have a couple of semi-investigators so im really excited to get them progressing and moving toward baptism and the ultimate goal, the temple :) 

Michael and Elder Keddington
Michael and Elder Tonga
I have almost been out 1 year--that is weird to think about.  We had Zone Conference and it was sad because so many missionaries I have come to love are leaving and it was Pres. Ogdens last :(  I know though that this work that I am a part of is a great work that deals with the salvation of souls.  As missionaries we are lifeguards saving souls physically and eternally.  I know that this gospel brings happiness and that we can find joy in knowing that God is there and that Jesus is the Christ.  God loves us and answers our prayers.  It is amazing!