Monday, November 28, 2011

week 20

Our turkey bowl was the best!  I had so much fun hanging out with the other missionaries. 

Michael and the Zone Leader, Elder Zindel

The Christmas season is the best and I'm surrounded by the Walsall ward who love me and I love them.  I love this area so much.  The ward is great, the people are great, and my companion is great.  Every day he pushes me to be a little better.  I love him for that. 

Michael and Elder Seigel
We are working hard and are looking to find a family to teach this season.  A mother and father and children!  It will be great. 

Michael working hard and getting ready for exchanges with his 5 pound bag (cost 5 pounds, not weighs 5 pounds :))
We have been working really hard and were blessed with 3 new investigators.  It was a good week and we were blessed by the Lord for our efforts.  I gave a talk in church on Sunday about the miracle of forgiveness and repentance.  The Lord really does love all of his children.  There is always a way back onto the path no matter how far you might have strayed and it is so important to remember that. 
I have a challenge for all the readers of the blog:  
During this Christmas season look for unplanned opportunities for service.  Perform that act of service in a way of love.  Don't look for credit or do the service for recognition.  Do it because that is what the Saviour would have done.  I promise that as you do this you will feel the pure love of Christ in your life.  You will be blessed from the Lord and you will grow so much! 
I love being on a mission.  It will be one of the hardest things I do in my whole life guaranteed-- but it will be the most rewarding.  To really receive the blessings of the Lord we must make a sacrifice and humble ourselves so He can lift us up.  I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

week 19

Merry Christmas!!  It is Christmas season here because Thanksgiving doesn't exist here--it really is a shame. 
Thanks for the Thanksgiving parcel I love it!  Hahah funny story we have dinner appointments every night this week except..........drum roll.........Thursday hahahaha it was kind of funny lol. 
I'm excited, we are putting up our Christmas tree soon so I will send pictures.  It's just a cheap artificial one we found in the wardrobe.  It's pretty cool though.
In Walsall it's starting to get foggy and snow is expected soon.  Its getting pretty nippy and it's not that cold it's just humid and wet so it tears right through you.  You layer up because it's freazing, hop on your bike, bike to your destination, and take all your layers off because you're sweating like crazy, and then you repeat the same thing over and over lol.
Our investigators are having hurdles, they both missed their dates.  It makes me sad when I see these people change from the gospel and then they can't move forward with what they want. 
We are tracting and finding a lot and we have found some new people, hopefully they stay interested.  We have loads and loads of potentials and we are just focusing on how to make them investigators. 
We are working hard and having fun.  The transfer is almost over, we are starting week 4 right now!  Crazy how fast it has gone! 
We are going to the turkey bowl right now.  It's zone p-day and we play American flag football so that will be really fun.  I will be sure to take loads of pictures and send them next week. 
P.S. sorry no pictures this week but there will be LOADS next week to make up for it I promise :)
Michael's english sounding words of the week:  post, parcel, nippy, wardrobe

Monday, November 14, 2011

week 18

A couple of weeks ago we e-mailed from the bullring, which is this huge mall.  And so we found a Mac store and e-mailed from there.  The Mac store was the only place we could email.  We left all the laptops on and left a pass along card on each keyboard hahaha. 

I'm excited for great things to come!  Walsall, which is like dead center in Brom.   Our two investigators with dates are having a hard time.  One has some hurdles of addictions he has to overcome and the other is completely ready but his wife won't let him.  We are just helping them overcome these challenges and letting them make their own decisions.  We love them and just want what is best for them.

We are finding like crazy in Walsall!  The Stake President said that if every door is knocked in 3 years then we would see miracles.  So we are tracting about 3 streets a week to try and accomplish that.  We have loads of potential investigators and we just need to get them progressing.  We work really hard and try to have fun while doing it to keep ourselves happy.

The ward is really small but everyone is so nice!  I love them all.  We were at a members house last night playing scrabble and having dinner!

The weather has been suprisingly warm!  No snow yet, which everyone says is weird so it should be coming soon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

week 17

Man today will be good because I desperately needed a p-day to just stay home and do absolutly nothing.  But . . . we are going to the church after email to play basketball with the Zone Leaders so that should be fun.     

Michael at 5'8" and Elder Seigel at 6'8"

Michael and Elder Seigel jammin'

So I'm now in Walsall!  My new area for probably quite a while. I'm excited because the ward is great and we get fed a lot, we actually have DAs every night this week except for Wednesday!  Elder Siegel is awesome and he is a way hard worker.    We are teaching two investigators with a date.  Both are really cool and both have hurdles they have to jump.  It's frustrating, but we are working with them to get through this. So we are just praying and waiting.  We are working hard and having fun while doing it!  We got a referral the other day from the bishop for this lady who has been coming to church and I thought she was a member but she isn't.  So we are going to start teaching her and she told us, "I want to be baptised, I just have to be taught first." lol   There was a baby blessing in church the other day and there was basically an after party at the family's house hahaha it was awesome food and cake.  He is the Elders' quorum president and he is awesome!  The work here is crazy and really fun, I'm excited for the future here in Walsall.
Michael's pumpkin
Michael and Halloween pumpkin
It is officially winter.  We just got our first frost so it will only get much worse; and we had a warm fall, so winter will most likely stink.  We had Halloween!  We carved pumpkins and put them on the railing of our balcony, then it rained haha--sad times for the pumpkins.  I was cleaning the flat and guess what I found!  An artificial christmas tree!! With lights and decorations and everything--even a star!!  Its awesome!  I was so excited. 
I have gotten letters!  Thank you so much!  I love you and miss you!