Monday, November 7, 2011

week 17

Man today will be good because I desperately needed a p-day to just stay home and do absolutly nothing.  But . . . we are going to the church after email to play basketball with the Zone Leaders so that should be fun.     

Michael at 5'8" and Elder Seigel at 6'8"

Michael and Elder Seigel jammin'

So I'm now in Walsall!  My new area for probably quite a while. I'm excited because the ward is great and we get fed a lot, we actually have DAs every night this week except for Wednesday!  Elder Siegel is awesome and he is a way hard worker.    We are teaching two investigators with a date.  Both are really cool and both have hurdles they have to jump.  It's frustrating, but we are working with them to get through this. So we are just praying and waiting.  We are working hard and having fun while doing it!  We got a referral the other day from the bishop for this lady who has been coming to church and I thought she was a member but she isn't.  So we are going to start teaching her and she told us, "I want to be baptised, I just have to be taught first." lol   There was a baby blessing in church the other day and there was basically an after party at the family's house hahaha it was awesome food and cake.  He is the Elders' quorum president and he is awesome!  The work here is crazy and really fun, I'm excited for the future here in Walsall.
Michael's pumpkin
Michael and Halloween pumpkin
It is officially winter.  We just got our first frost so it will only get much worse; and we had a warm fall, so winter will most likely stink.  We had Halloween!  We carved pumpkins and put them on the railing of our balcony, then it rained haha--sad times for the pumpkins.  I was cleaning the flat and guess what I found!  An artificial christmas tree!! With lights and decorations and everything--even a star!!  Its awesome!  I was so excited. 
I have gotten letters!  Thank you so much!  I love you and miss you!

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