Monday, November 14, 2011

week 18

A couple of weeks ago we e-mailed from the bullring, which is this huge mall.  And so we found a Mac store and e-mailed from there.  The Mac store was the only place we could email.  We left all the laptops on and left a pass along card on each keyboard hahaha. 

I'm excited for great things to come!  Walsall, which is like dead center in Brom.   Our two investigators with dates are having a hard time.  One has some hurdles of addictions he has to overcome and the other is completely ready but his wife won't let him.  We are just helping them overcome these challenges and letting them make their own decisions.  We love them and just want what is best for them.

We are finding like crazy in Walsall!  The Stake President said that if every door is knocked in 3 years then we would see miracles.  So we are tracting about 3 streets a week to try and accomplish that.  We have loads of potential investigators and we just need to get them progressing.  We work really hard and try to have fun while doing it to keep ourselves happy.

The ward is really small but everyone is so nice!  I love them all.  We were at a members house last night playing scrabble and having dinner!

The weather has been suprisingly warm!  No snow yet, which everyone says is weird so it should be coming soon.

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