Monday, November 28, 2011

week 20

Our turkey bowl was the best!  I had so much fun hanging out with the other missionaries. 

Michael and the Zone Leader, Elder Zindel

The Christmas season is the best and I'm surrounded by the Walsall ward who love me and I love them.  I love this area so much.  The ward is great, the people are great, and my companion is great.  Every day he pushes me to be a little better.  I love him for that. 

Michael and Elder Seigel
We are working hard and are looking to find a family to teach this season.  A mother and father and children!  It will be great. 

Michael working hard and getting ready for exchanges with his 5 pound bag (cost 5 pounds, not weighs 5 pounds :))
We have been working really hard and were blessed with 3 new investigators.  It was a good week and we were blessed by the Lord for our efforts.  I gave a talk in church on Sunday about the miracle of forgiveness and repentance.  The Lord really does love all of his children.  There is always a way back onto the path no matter how far you might have strayed and it is so important to remember that. 
I have a challenge for all the readers of the blog:  
During this Christmas season look for unplanned opportunities for service.  Perform that act of service in a way of love.  Don't look for credit or do the service for recognition.  Do it because that is what the Saviour would have done.  I promise that as you do this you will feel the pure love of Christ in your life.  You will be blessed from the Lord and you will grow so much! 
I love being on a mission.  It will be one of the hardest things I do in my whole life guaranteed-- but it will be the most rewarding.  To really receive the blessings of the Lord we must make a sacrifice and humble ourselves so He can lift us up.  I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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