Monday, February 25, 2013

week 85

We cut off the superdry tag on QBs jacket and it stuck to our badges hahaha so here is Super Barton!

So here is the quick news about transfers. Well it's not quick but its news.
ok so first off.....
1. we find out what is happening tomorrow night! 
2. so usually pday is on Monday except when transfers its on the Wednesday, well now pdays will always be on Monday no matter what. 
3. I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS HAPPENING LOL  It's driving me mad. but I have hints, clues and Iv'e come up with a theory.  So we were told to update our map and area book. Then they dropped the words "so that they know where people live and they will have something to work with"  WHAT WHAT they?  Also they purchased another flat in Lufbra so there will be 4 missionaries here COOL!  
So here is my theory.  I thought at first they were going to whitewash us, so both of us would leave but I asked them and they tried to avoid it but they said no. So I believe one or both of us will move into the other flat they have bought and either zone leaders or sisters will move into our flat!  So that is my theory but I have no idea and we will know tomorrow night.  CRAZY!

I have what is called a T-book (testimony book) and missionaries write their testimonies in it and it's a cool little book but I've upped mine and made it like a picture journal, aka a scrapbook! 
Donnella is doing really well, she is on track to get her patriarchal blessing so that will be awesome!  She is solid!  There aren't too many YSA in the ward (not as much as you would think for a university town) but there are about 10 and she is good friends with all of them and she is good friends with the YSA at institute as well. so we are making sure she is well integrated.
We were walking through town centre today and this guy who is selling some dvd stuff comes up and is like hey mates you have gaming consoles?  And were like nope (and you could tell he was like wah! ) hahah then he said seriously?  He was like, well do you watch movies? And I was like well no because we're missionaries and we don't do that stuff and then we witnessed a miracle!  He was like out of the blue "I've been looking for a church and a religion for a long time and I would love to talk to you, but my boss is right there so here is my number, call me."  YES!  he is prepared by God and I love it!  
I love this work.  It is a great work we are in!  I LOVE MY MISSION!  I can't say it enough. Especially as it is drawing near to the end,  it is making me realise how much I have learned in these past two years.  I have changed and I have seen others change.  It's amazing!  
Gods plan is perfect!  It is simple.  It is made individually for us.  God is in the details of our lives, each one of us.  He is involved in our lives.  I know that the little things that matter to us matter to him because he loves us.  I know God is our Father in Heaven.  Our goal is to live with him again and he has provided a way. I know that way is through Jesus Christ.  I KNOW the atonement is real. I have seen it work in others lives as well as my own.  The path is strait and the gate is narrow, but there is always a way back, no matter how far off the path we walk, there is always a way back.  I know that to be true.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

week 84

Things here are going well. we were able to put one of our investigators on a date for April and now the ball is in his court, so to speak.  He gets to make all the moves and decisions.  He now needs to prove to us and the Lord that he is ready and willing to do what it takes to be baptised.  I pray that he will rise up and commit and come to church and do the things he needs to.  We have a couple of other investigators but our teaching pool has been the same 2 or 3 people like this whole transfer so we are working to find new people to teach.  We are thinking of setting up a scripture study class at the university so that students who want to learn and read from the scriptures can do so, we might get some more investigators that way.  Also we want to start up a church tour, so we can take people around the chapel and they can see what it looks like and what goes on. So that should be good. 
We are doing a lot of service with  the members and trying really to work through them when it comes to finding people to teach. We are asking at each one of our dinner appointments to pray for a street that we can go and tract.  It has worked in the past, we had prayed for some streets and had some written down and we were at a members last night and we did the spiritual thought and asked them to pray and we said the closing prayer and right after the prayer he was like what about this street and it was the one we had picked!  Crazy, so we will see what happens!  I LOVE THIS WARD!
Transfers got shifted a bit and its on the 2nd of March.
Lately this scripture has come back to me again and again. It has helped me through my mission, it's Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."  I love this scripture! it helps me know that the Lord is always with me, when im doing what I'm supposed to be.  He loves me and leads me. We don't always recognise His presence in our lives, but He never leaves us.  That has brought me comfort time and time again on my mission and I love it.  So remember, Be of good Courage for the Lord God is with you.

I have made the goal to help people understand why I do what I do.  I want them to know that I do it not for me not for money, because we dont get paid, not for anyone but them!  Because this gospel is for them, to bless them, to bring them comfort, peace and a greater happiness.  Because i know this message is true and it can and will bless their  life right now. That is why I do it.  Because I know that this gospel brings hope, peace and joy and that we all can feel it if we try and allow it into our hearts. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

week 83

We tend to not think about how parents reactions are multiplied by 10,000 in our Heavenly Father.  He acts and feels the same way as a parent, we forget we are like Him in everyway.  I was reading the teachings of Lorenzo Snow this morning which is well good i would reccomend it. He was discussing how we are children of our Heavenly Father and he goes on to talk about the truth taught by Joseph Smith,
"where man is, God once was.
where God is, man can be"
We are made in the image of our Heavenly Father and our spirits have divine characteristics.  As we choose the right, be obedient to the commandments,and purify ourselves, we can become like God in all His wisdom and power. It's amazing.  God is LITERALLY our father. He loves us, cares for us, wants us to be happy.  We can turn to Him in prayer and receive guidance and inspiration.  As members of the church we have that knowledge that brings peace, and happiness.  Not to say others don't pray or receive guidance, but maybe they dont have a clear understanding of who they are and who God is and the relation between us.  Because with that piece of truth it changes the perspective and it changes how we pray.  it's amazing!  Good study this morning!  
Things here are good, we are trying to build our teaching puddle to a teaching pool, so we are talking to loads of people and tracting and all sorts.  We have a couple of new finding ideas this week, so we will test them out.  We are trying to think outside the box for a bit and see what happens.
The bday was crazy!  We got cancelled on 2 times but we had two youth investigators at YM so we went with them and played basketball which is always fun.    We have a zone conference on Valentines Day hahaha and some service and appointments and streets to tract.  We have been working hard and being obedient.  All is well!
It snowed last night, not a lot but some, it's been so bitter cold here and the wind doesn't help.  Good thing I have a really big warm coat, otherwise I would be stuffed!
So here is a funny storyy hahaha  Last pday we went out in the back garden to chill and shut the door behind us, habbit.
We were chilling and time to go in and... no keys hahahaa. So we are like oh great its getting dark, cold and we are locked outside hahaha.  So we MacGyver it and find this wire and a hook.  We bend the wire around the hook and shove it through a slot between the frame and door, and we attempt for ages!  We almost got it and the hook fell off inside hahaha so then we use the wire and make a lasso and finnnnnnally get in the house hahaha it took us 1 hour lol FAIL!

We had to take a picture of a duck. That was the challenge of the day.
                        (we have a challenge each day and it gets us taking pics so here is a duck lol)

Monday, February 4, 2013

week 82

I love more than anything being busy because it keeps your mind occupied and there is less temptation really.  It is nice as well though to lounge around and do nothing don't get me wrong hahaha. 
Well things are going great here!  We are loving life really.  We are doing loads more finding and we have a couple of investigators.  They are keeping the small commitments and it is so important we keep the little things.  It's great when we live the word of wisdom and whatnot but we ALWAYS need to pray and read and come to church. That is why those are the three smallest and first commitments we leave with people. to read pray and come to church.  If we keep these small commitments, then the Lord will bless us with strength to keep the big ones.  By keeping the small ones it helps us have the Spirit which helps us keep the big ones. It all works out.  So CHURCH.READ.and PRAY  Sooooo important!!

We were teaching Donnella on Tuesday and she basically wants to serve a mission!  Which is soo cool.  She hasnt come out and said it, but she is dropping little hints all over the place.
She had an interview with Bishop on Sunday to get her patriarchal blessing!  I'm so excited for her!
She is progressing so much it's incredible!
On Thursday we helped this awesome family move out of the ward :( I was sad because they were really cool.
They moved down to Sussex to be closer to her family because she is having twins and she hasn't lived near
them in ages.  But it was a sad day, for sure they will be missed. 
We are going teaching with the Stake President tomorrow night, wow it will be good.  And we are hoping to later in the week go teaching with Pres. Rasmussen.  We will see.