Monday, February 11, 2013

week 83

We tend to not think about how parents reactions are multiplied by 10,000 in our Heavenly Father.  He acts and feels the same way as a parent, we forget we are like Him in everyway.  I was reading the teachings of Lorenzo Snow this morning which is well good i would reccomend it. He was discussing how we are children of our Heavenly Father and he goes on to talk about the truth taught by Joseph Smith,
"where man is, God once was.
where God is, man can be"
We are made in the image of our Heavenly Father and our spirits have divine characteristics.  As we choose the right, be obedient to the commandments,and purify ourselves, we can become like God in all His wisdom and power. It's amazing.  God is LITERALLY our father. He loves us, cares for us, wants us to be happy.  We can turn to Him in prayer and receive guidance and inspiration.  As members of the church we have that knowledge that brings peace, and happiness.  Not to say others don't pray or receive guidance, but maybe they dont have a clear understanding of who they are and who God is and the relation between us.  Because with that piece of truth it changes the perspective and it changes how we pray.  it's amazing!  Good study this morning!  
Things here are good, we are trying to build our teaching puddle to a teaching pool, so we are talking to loads of people and tracting and all sorts.  We have a couple of new finding ideas this week, so we will test them out.  We are trying to think outside the box for a bit and see what happens.
The bday was crazy!  We got cancelled on 2 times but we had two youth investigators at YM so we went with them and played basketball which is always fun.    We have a zone conference on Valentines Day hahaha and some service and appointments and streets to tract.  We have been working hard and being obedient.  All is well!
It snowed last night, not a lot but some, it's been so bitter cold here and the wind doesn't help.  Good thing I have a really big warm coat, otherwise I would be stuffed!
So here is a funny storyy hahaha  Last pday we went out in the back garden to chill and shut the door behind us, habbit.
We were chilling and time to go in and... no keys hahahaa. So we are like oh great its getting dark, cold and we are locked outside hahaha.  So we MacGyver it and find this wire and a hook.  We bend the wire around the hook and shove it through a slot between the frame and door, and we attempt for ages!  We almost got it and the hook fell off inside hahaha so then we use the wire and make a lasso and finnnnnnally get in the house hahaha it took us 1 hour lol FAIL!

We had to take a picture of a duck. That was the challenge of the day.
                        (we have a challenge each day and it gets us taking pics so here is a duck lol)

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