Monday, February 4, 2013

week 82

I love more than anything being busy because it keeps your mind occupied and there is less temptation really.  It is nice as well though to lounge around and do nothing don't get me wrong hahaha. 
Well things are going great here!  We are loving life really.  We are doing loads more finding and we have a couple of investigators.  They are keeping the small commitments and it is so important we keep the little things.  It's great when we live the word of wisdom and whatnot but we ALWAYS need to pray and read and come to church. That is why those are the three smallest and first commitments we leave with people. to read pray and come to church.  If we keep these small commitments, then the Lord will bless us with strength to keep the big ones.  By keeping the small ones it helps us have the Spirit which helps us keep the big ones. It all works out.  So CHURCH.READ.and PRAY  Sooooo important!!

We were teaching Donnella on Tuesday and she basically wants to serve a mission!  Which is soo cool.  She hasnt come out and said it, but she is dropping little hints all over the place.
She had an interview with Bishop on Sunday to get her patriarchal blessing!  I'm so excited for her!
She is progressing so much it's incredible!
On Thursday we helped this awesome family move out of the ward :( I was sad because they were really cool.
They moved down to Sussex to be closer to her family because she is having twins and she hasn't lived near
them in ages.  But it was a sad day, for sure they will be missed. 
We are going teaching with the Stake President tomorrow night, wow it will be good.  And we are hoping to later in the week go teaching with Pres. Rasmussen.  We will see.

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