Monday, January 28, 2013

week 81

Well my b-day is on a Tuesday.  Not on a Monday lol lame, missed a p-day birthday by one day!  We don't have any good plans yet,  just a normal day really.  Mission birthdays aren't too special lol. We might go out to dinner or something.  But on the 8th, that Friday, Donnella is taking us to Pizza Hut because its QB's birthday on the 1st so its like a MEGA celebration.  It will be grand! 
Right now I'm studying in depth the restoration. So im breaking it down sentence by sentence and finding scripture references to back it up and thinking about how it affects me and my life. So today I studied God is Our Loving Heavenly Father. That was good. I found a good scripture in Hebrews chapter 12 (I believe).  So hopefully I will be able to have an in depth understanding of the basic doctrines.  It will be good.  I'm excited for it. 
Things here are good. it was hailing/snowing/raining lol one night and we were riding our bikes and it felt seriously like i was getting pricked in the face by a billion needles hahahaha it was the most painful bike ride of the winter for sure!  We had rain so all the snow is melted which I must say I'm quite glad about because the snow only turns into ice and then we can't really ride our bikes and it just makes the work alot more difficult to do. So now it's nice outside, looks like spring to be honest. A slight wind but its all good. 

Our investigators are struggling.  We have a couple that are sooo close but one struggles with faith and the other struggles accepting the Book of Mormon because she has been raised only with the Bible.  So its a struggle, but we have a member in the ward that is from Oregon actually, and he served his mission in Alabama so he helps us to help her try and accept it.  They are doing well and if they can overcome these hurdles I know they will be baptised.  Then we have a couple other people that just aren't showing the commitment and its quite frustrating because they talk the talk but they just dont do anything.  They sound solid but they don't act. So we have been trying to kick them in the backside saying get to it, if you want it prove it and they havent been so we have had to drop a couple people.
We are working with this returning member and she has a interview with the bishop setup for next week to get her temple recommend!  We are sooo excited for her! She really wants to go to the temple and now we are helping her get ready for the temple trip on february 9.  It will be good! 
This past week has been good. We cleaned the flat really good so its nice and clean and we are keeping it that way :) we did some more service for a member. He is remodeling his house so we went and helped out and we did roofing. So we took all the tiles off and stacked them on the ground.  It was cool! literally it was sooooo cold we had just got some more snow the night before!  But it was really fun, I enjoyed it!

We took this massive tree out of a members front garden and here is a piece of it!  

This was my weapon of choice for taking the tree down. The funnest service project ive ever done!

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