Monday, January 7, 2013

week 78

The Lord is blessing us major time!  Our investigators are progressing and understanding.  They still have a few struggles, but we are helping them understand and use the atonement and read the Book of Mormon to recieve that help they are looking for. 
Things here in Loughborough are doing well!  We are teaching, finding and helping the members. its perfect.  
  • On saturday we had a teach, then lunch with a member and service, then a teach, another teach, and one more teach, then we finnally got home around 8 and we ate dinner. i was absolutely shattered!  it was a crazy busy day!  The Lord is blessing us and is in the details of our lives.  
We have a good planned week:
  • we just got a new ward mission leader so we have a meeting with him tomorrow to fill him in on the work and everything, then we have some service at his place and some dinner then out to a teach 
  • then on Wednesday we have a zone conference in Nottingham so we will be at that for AGES!! lol then I'm on exchange here and we have a DA and a teach that night
  • then Thursday we are helping this family move house, its like a ward activity getting everyone involved. so that will be nice, then we have another DA and two teaches that night
  • then Friday we have be-a-u-tiful weekly planning! lol then some finding and dinner and 2 teaches.  
  • Saturday will be a long finding day and a couple of teaches. 
Thats the plan so far. It will be a good week. Yesterday in church Donnella bore her testimony!  It was awesome!  She did so great and she got her temple recommend for baptisms!  She is loving it!  We are sooo excited for her!
I love being on a mission.  My testimony has become simplified but sincere. I know that Jesus is the Christ, that the atonement and the power it holds is REAL.  i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and as we read it we can hear the the spirit of the Lord speaking to us.  I know this church is true and that all the principles and ordinances have been brought back to the earth through a living prophet. 

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