Tuesday, January 1, 2013

week 77

It was good to see you on Tuesday, I loved seeing all of you. 
I got the stomach bug Christmas night and wasn't feeling so well, so I was in the flat all boxing day as well:(
It wasn't too fun but I enjoyed sleeping hahaha.  It's okay because all is well now and I'm feeling back to normal. 

Things are well here.  We went to a New Years Eve party last night at some members house.  lol it was really fun they made some of their homemade chinese food.  It was SOOO GOOD.  We are just working hard trying to find people to teach and enjoying teaching the people that we have.  We helped one of our investigators understand the importance of prophets and why we need them.  She struggled with it, but she understands!   It was a huge step toward her progression!  We are so excited, next step, church!
I'm loving my mission so far!  So many amazing things and experiences have happened and so much more will happen in these next 6 months!  I'm excited for what is going to come!

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