Tuesday, January 15, 2013

week 79

"God will put prepared people in the way of His prepared servants who want to share the gospel. You have had that happen in your own life. How often it happens depends on the preparation of your mind and your heart."
—Henry B. Eyring
That is such a good quote by President Eyring.  It is sooo true as well.  As we prepare ourselves and we are willing to make the changes neccesary and do what it takes, God places his elect children in our path or guides us to them so that we can receive the blessings of teaching and they can recieve the blessings of the gospel in their lives.  
Transfers are next Wednesday.  So you will either hear from me on Wednesday or on Thursday depending on what happens.  
It's snowing here today-- we have a nice layer on the gound.  It's mostly on the grass and stuff.  Oh well its snow!  It's cool!  
President is changing a lot of things and it's hard to take it all in and accept it all. We used to have a transfer meeting where the greenies stand up and introduce themselves. Well he has ended transfer meetings, so now we just go straight to our new area.  
Also the standard of excellence has changed to 1 baptism by the end of the transfer, 2 with a date by the end of the transfer, 3 investigators at church and 3 new investigators a week, 4 potentials a week.  So there are a lot of changes so I'm going to need to be praying a lot to have help accepting that these changes are from God and having a positive attitude about it.  I'm working on it. Other than that things are going really well. We are teaching 4 people. we have 3 good investigators.  We are seeing the hand of the Lord in our work. We are finding people and really just working hard and smart. 
So my bike kept breaking and I was spending some money on it. Well I brought it in and the guy that worked there was really nice and he fixed it all up for me for free! He saved me like £30! It was a tender mercy and such a nice gesture from this man!  I couldn't thank him enough. 
 The other day we were at the Leslies (they are the kids who you met over skype at Christmas). Well they started shooting us with nerf guns lol so we run upstairs to their stash and grab it all hahaha.  I had the sniper and was laying on the stairs. QB had this like 20 round gun fully auto was right by the door and we ambushed them. hahaha It was sooo funny lol and we play cheese touch from Diary of a Wimpy Kid all the time. You'd be proud hahah they love those books!
I'm sooo grateful and happy everyday that I'm serving a mission.  I have learned SO many things and I'll never regret serving--I know that. 

My Darth Vader pose!

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