Wednesday, January 23, 2013

week 80

It's almost February!  How weird is that! 

Hahaha We sometimes say that we are pesterers for salvation haha.
Diligence is one of the best learnt characteristics ever!  It leads to great things and shows your desire and love for things.
Things are crazy! So with transfers.........I'm staying in lufbra. My new companion is........Elder Quackenbush. lol we are both staying so it's cool. 
Things are good here! We taught Donnella last night at the chapel and afterwards we got our food that a member had dropped off.  All the young men were there about to start, so we left and we are walking down the stairs.  We turn around and they are all charging at us with snowballs!   We get into a massive snowball fight hahaha and we are running out of the car park chucking snowballs. We were like retreat its 2 v 7  and we are not prepared hahaha so we booked it hahaha it was soo funny!
Our investigators are doing well. They are progressing at their rates but I think we can commit one to baptism for this transfer.  He wants it so now he just is working on showing it.  It's been a really long week since last pday.  We have been working hard. finding, teaching and doing loads of service.  Just yesterday we did roofing with this member, we were up putting tiles on. way cool!  The snow is still here so we have been doing a lot of shoveling.  On Sunday we went up to the church like 2 hours early and shoveled all the walkways, and the entrance and half the car park and laid salt down so when people came it was all clear and safe.  That felt good.  It's been a really rewarding week. 
Today the sisters in my group went home :( scary to think that means i only have 4 transfers left. 

PS  I feel really bad because I have loads of pictures but I forgot my camera cord so I can't email them so I'll get them to you I promise!

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