Monday, December 19, 2011

week 23


My new companion is pretty funny and cool, I'm excited for this transfer.  He has served in Cardiff Wales, Harborne Birmingham, Aberystwyth Wales,  and Wooster Cheltenham.  He goes home in February,  I'm not sure what date but that month. 
I can't figure out the Christmas message!  The only letter I got was the "i" haha because of the velcro--there were two dots hahaha  it is hard. 
As for our Christmas plans:
  • Thursday about half the mission will be meeting in the bullring (a giant mall) at 6:30pm.  We will find a nice place and sing Christmas carols all night.  I'm really excited for that. 
  • Friday, we have the Christmas party at the mission home.  That will  be soooo fun!!
  • Christmas Eve (Saturday) we have a ward party so that will be really fun. 
  • Christmas Day (Sunday) we have a 1 hour Sacrament service in the morning and then we are going to a family's house for lunch, the Pullen family.  Then we head over to Sue and Wanda's and we spend the rest of the night with them.  We eat, play games, skype!!, have fun. 
  • Boxing Day (Monday) we are going over to the Smith's and playing some futbol with the kids at the park and we have lunch with this lady Evelyn.  Then shopping for sweet deals because everything is like 90% off on Boxing Day haha not really but there are some really good deals. 
That's our weekend!  It is going to be absolutely crazy and jam packed! 
It is freezing cold here hahaha and it hasn't snowed yet. Everything is just iced over.  We were biking last night and we pulled into this street and both me and Elder Steed slipped and slid on the ice hahahaha it was sooo funny.  No one got injured because we were biking really slow and kinda screwing around but it was hilarious haha. 
Views from the flat of one of our investigators. he is in a tower flat on the 15th floor, it is amazing!

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