Monday, December 26, 2011

week 24

The Ward Christmas Eve party was really fun, we just sang Christmas carols and then had treats after.  I had to eat mince pies which were absolutely disgusting.  On Christmas Day we went over to a family's house right after church and we hung out with them and had some snacks.   He is the elders quorum president and he is awesome!  We were driving to his house because he took us, and we pulled over because some guy was lying on the ground with his bike. so we jumped out of the car and ran over.  It was windy and I felt like I was in a cop movie in my suit and stuff, I felt like I was in Burn Notice.  After that we went to another home.  She is the nicest lady EVER!    We went to eat, and there were like 10 people there, so it was a regular old party.  We came home and I just fell asleep at around 8:00, I was soooo tired.  Today(Boxing Day) was a full p-day so we just did some shopping and emailed and went to a lunch appointment.  Then we went to the arboretum and played some footy (football).  It was really fun!  I had a fun time just kicking it around.  
 The building we meet in looks like ours just a little bit smaller, actually alot smalller haha.  My mission president, President and Sister Ogden are the best!  I love them sooo much and they leave in July, so when I'm out about a year I'll get a new mission president.  I will be really sad because I will miss them.  I'm still in Walsall and I have been here for about 2 transfers and I'll be here for a while.  I'm excited for the future.  There are a lot of good things ahead. 
Pictures from the mission Christmas party December 23 at the mission home:

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