Monday, January 2, 2012

week 25

We're at the Mac store again, we are at the bullring  today just for a couple of hours.  
On New Year's Eve we stayed up 'til midnight and watched a free fireworks show from our balcony.
It was pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie.  
England is doing good!  It's getting slightly colder and it is raining loads!!  After church on Sunday we went by to see a potential investigator, we got to his house and knocked and no one was home.  So we decided to flog 10 (knock some doors) and we knocked the door to the left and an amazing lady answered, she is way cool!!  We were talking with her and midway through, it started off and on raining.  As we left and it starting dumping buckets and we were still in our suits--we got soaked!!!  It was soo funny hahaha.

Walsall and the people are good.  We are working on trying to get back in contact with our investigators after the holidays and what not.
I realized I need to take more pictures and videos so I'm working on it. Plus I forgot my camera so I 
will send loads next week sorry :(
You can find me on (or you can type in Michael Barton on find people).  And encourage everyone else to make one too!

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