Monday, January 23, 2012

week 28

Olivia wrote me and told me she was going to China and I'm so excited for Jake--he will be a good missionary!
This is my last week as a teenager!  I can't believe my birthday is coming up.  It's cool because there is a lady in our ward and her birthday is Feb 5 as well! It feels weird, I'll be 20, I'm Not to sure how to handle that.
I'm still in Walsall, this will be my 3rd transfer here!  And my 3rd companion!  Now I'm with Elder McGregor who has served here already.  He has been out about 18 months.  He's way funny and we are excited to hit the ground running and work hard this new transfer.  I'm excited for this transfer, we have loads of potential for good to happen! 
This week not much happened at the beginning of the week and then on Wednesday we had transfers. Saturday we went out with a member, Chris, who has just turned his papers in!  We were GQing and doing some tracting.  I prayed for a street to go to and we tracted it.  I was expecting a larger street but it had about, hmmm, 4 houses on it hahaha.  So we tracted that in about 30 seconds and we were walking to Chris's house for dinner.  As I was walking by this house, I looked in the window and saw a lovely home with a man in the kitchen.  I just thought,  "maybe I should knock this door?"  It was the most subtle prompting.  I kinda kept walking on, but then I slowed down and was just looking at the house. Elder McGregor turned and said "do you feel you need to knock that door?"  and I said "yea i do".  So we went and knocked this door.  The man answered and two amazing little kids ran up behind him. I just said, "Hello sir how are you? Me and my friend, we're missionaries for our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we're sharing a wonderful message with people today about how we can be with our families forever.  What would that mean to you if you knew you could be with your 2 kids forever?"  He said, "Well it would mean everything."  He was an amazing guy and we gave him a Plan of Salvation leaflet and said we come by again next week.  After when we were walking away Elder McGregor said, "Im glad you felt that because I did too."   It was a cool little spiritual experience of the still small voice and how it really is still and small.  You have to really listen for it.  It was really cool. 
Things are going pretty good here. I'm excited for the next 6 weeks and what we can get done! 
The Hyland Family--they are the best!

The Boys are back in town!  I love these guys!

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