Wednesday, January 18, 2012

week 27

Transfers were today.  Elder Steed is trainning a boy (new missionary).  He is whitewashing (both companions are new to the area) a brand new area.   It was funny because their flat has nothing at all, so they had to go to Ikea and buy furnishings and what not.  Interesting first day for his greenie.

So yes, yet again another new companion.  I've been in Walsall 3 transfers and this is my 3rd companion.  
I'm now with Elder McGregor, who already served in Walsall at one point.  He is way cool and has about 6 months left.  Everything here is going great.  I'm excited for what we can accomplish this transfer--last transfer we commited a lady to baptism!

More information and pictures on Monday!  Cheers!

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