Thursday, December 13, 2012

week 74

I am safe and healthy and happy :)  I'm staying in Lufbra!  Elder Gomez got transfered to Wales, Blackwood.
My new companion is Elder Quackenbush, from Utah.  He has been out about 7 1/2 months.  he is the man and actually just came from Wales!  LOL it's the legendary Lufbra, Wales connection. Everybody that comes to Lufbra always comes from Wales and everyone that leaves Lufbra always goes to Wales hahaha. 
So yes, Elder Quackenbush seems like a good kid, I'm excited to be working with him and to be able to see success this transfer!
He is 19, has one older sister, and this is his 4th area hahaha he has gotten moved around. 
He was only in Wales 1 transfer and he was in an area by Cardiff. 
He seems like a kool kat!  I'm excited to work with him. 
This week has felt like its been ages!!!  and its only Thursday.  It's just so weird.  I have been so incredibly tired this week it's insane!  
Christmas is going to be crazy fun this year.  I'm not exactly sure the plan for Christmas.  We will be skyping, I'm just not sure, when or where.  but yes! only 12 days!!!  Can you believe this is my second Christmas out!  It's crazy! 
So at transfers President was talking about the Christmas party!  It's next Friday, the 21st and its gonna be sweet.  After the party we are all going to go to the bull ring and do some Christmas caroling!  It's gonna be such a fun day!!  I'm so excited I can't wait! 
Everything with Donnella (our investigator) is good for the 15th. She is excited but kinda sad that Elder G left, but she is still ready!  We actually see her tonight.  It will be good, I'm excited!
Sorry this email is soo late!  We'll email again Monday and I'll send pictures!

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