Tuesday, December 4, 2012

week 73

Things have been absolutely bonkers and I've been crazy busy trying to get everything done and I'm absolutely
shattered!  We put up our tree and lights and we have a cozy little living room and we have an open fire place!  So it's nice at night :) 

Transfer dodge night is next Monday and transfers are Wednesday the 12th of December!  It's crazy because I think I'm getting a new companion but I have NO idea whatsoever what is happening!  So we are planning on working suuuuppppeeeerrrr hard this week to end with a bang and to keep our minds busy.  So we have a super packed planned week.  It should be good!

The investigator is still excited and ready to be baptised the 15th of December.  She is so ready and prepared by the Lord.  I have been able to see that I have done absolutely nothing at all, and the hand of the Lord has taught and testified to her and that's how she knows its true.  She prayed, fasted and she is 100% commited to it!  It's soo awesome!  We really are excited for her.  We do have some other investigators that are really good. A couple are struggling but we are helping them to work through it.  We really are seeing that hand of the Lord working in this area and we are merely just assisting in the work.  It is amazing to see the blessings of the Lord, and I think I appreciate the hard times because I learnt so much and really came closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Now after the hard work and trials we are being blessed by the Lord allowing us to teach and bring someone into the gospel. 
This week I have learnt about attitude and the atonement. 
   it is attitude
   not aptitude
   that determines our altitude in life

So I  think of this and then think of the atonement.  Only our attitude toward the atonement, no matter what our skill or ability is, can help us reach the celestial kingdom.

For example:  if you go into a class and you come in 15 minutes early and get all ready and then pull you notes out and study old notes. then when the teacher comes in you are taking notes and asking questions, you get alot out of the class.
the your roll into class 10 minutes late with your music blasting and you slop into your seat and slouch back and text, don't take notes and just turn the music down low enough that the teacher cant hear it but you can. you dont get anything out of this class, why even go?

So we can apply it to the atonement, we can study about it, pray to ask the Lord questions about it,  ask our church leaders about it and practice using it in our lives and really take it in.
we can barely ever use it or use it because we are told were supposed to but we don't know anything about so we don't use it correctly therefore it doesn't work and we get nothing out of it.

It all comes down to our attitude toward the Saviour and his atoning sacrifice.  If we have a positive I WANT to use it attitude, and think I'm going to get as much out of it as possible, and know that only the atonement can save me, and we dont rely on out aptittude but our attitude of faith then we will guarentee our altitude to be the celestial kingdom.  So that is what I learned this week.

I'm so grateful that I came on a mission becasue it has changed my life and if i had never had gone I KNOW I would have regreted it because I'm here and I love it and am learning so many lessons and one of them is what i shared in fast and testimony meeting yesterday.

"Every blessing we recieve comes from obedience."- Joseph Smith.  I'm so grateful for all that I have been blessed with! 

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