Friday, August 5, 2011

In the Field!

     I'm officially in the England Birmingham Mission, or the EBM, which stands for Earth's Best Mission!! haha  We woke up at 5 on Wednesday and we drove to the mission home in Birmingham.  Here we met the President who is awesome, to say the least; and the greenies got some hazing lol. We stood on a wall and introduced ourselves and everyone cheered and stuff.  We then went in the transfer meeting to meet our trainers.  My companion is Elder Dahl.   I'll be with him for at least one transfer, so 6 weeks; and even possibly 2 transfers.  We then rode the bus and train to my first area --Swindon, which is the southernmost part of the mission.  Pretty small area--way awesome though. 
     But anyway the language is awesome everyone is like, morning mate, alright mate, oh bless, he's so dodgey.  It is awesome.  I don't have an accent yet, but my companion does when he talks to local people haha. It's so cool how it turns on and off like that. 

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