Monday, August 8, 2011

week 4!

This week has been weird because of transfers! 
  • Thursday we got settled and got all my stuff like my bike and groceries. 
  • Friday we did service and prepared for a baptism then we were at that all night. 
  • Saturday we were in Warwick(war-ick) all day for a wedding/baptism of Elder Dahl's old investigators. 
    Michael and Warwick Castle
  • Sunday we were at church and meetings all day.
  • Today is pday so were gonna go shopping and stuff. 
There are Swindon A elders and Swindon B elders.  Me and Elder Dahl are Swindon B elders and Elder Price and Reed are Swindon A, so we see them a lot and at church.  Its cool to see other elders all the time, doesn't make you feel all alone.  We haven't done much tracting or even teaching and our numbers show, but me and Elder Dahl are feeling really positive about this week.  We already have 4 appointments set and we're gonna visit some referrals.   We also have three potentials for baptism so that should be great!  We have a 10/10/10/10 vision.  Talk to a person within the first 10 minutes----talk to at least 10 people a day----hand out 10 Books of Mormon a week----have at least 10 appointments a week.  That will keep us nice and busy so I'm excited.  I pray all the time to be happy and have fun, and it is working so I know I'm getting answers to my prayers.  It's hard, but I have a quote that says you only grow when you're out of your comfort zone.  So I'm growing a lot!!      
There are so many little people in our ward that it is crazy loud in there.  The Bishop and Ward Mission leader seem cool.  The ward mission leader is from Hungary. I haven't had much interaction with the members, but they seem nice.  We haven't had one Dinner Appointment.  I'm praying next week we will get some.  We live off pizza and cereal.  But last night I made rice and pasta.  Pretty dang good. 
The people are awesome everyone is like "hey alright mate" which means hey how ya doing.  You answer
"alright mate".  And when you leave you say "alright cheers mate" which is alright thanks see ya.
Its so cool.  I love the language and want an accent!
We bike...a lot hahaha.  We bike on the street; and here if you bike you're like a car, so we bike as close to the curb as we can and cars just go around us--its crazy (I promise I'm safe).  We bike uphill, downhill, in the mud, everywhere.  Im getting more used to it but I was sore at first haha. Its cold!  It rained so hard yesterday and I was soaked. So today we're going to buy me waterproof trousers (like rain gear for golf lol).  My jacket works though!  The city is small but big.  Its a classy little English town but it has its big parts to it at the same time.  Its really awesome though--I love it. 

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