Monday, September 5, 2011

week 8

Here I am in Swindon, almost through my first transfer!  Crazy to think.  Next transfer we are getting 13 new missionaries!! Thats an insane amount of missionaries. 
We're teaching our golden investigator, and he is moving to L.A :(  sad times for us.  He wants to get baptized with the people that first introduced him to the church.  I'm fine as long as he stays strong and gets baptized.  But then he called yesterday and said he might just get baptized in Swindon because it would be easier. He gets back from LA in a couple of days and he said he would let us know where it will happen when he returns.  This guy is awesome!! He called us up and was like hey I'm gonna bring you back something, what do you want?  We were like uhhhhhhh whatever you feel is good.  He was like okay I'll bring back some double stuffed oreos hahahahaha it was awesome"
Other than that investigator, we are teaching a woman and her daughter.  They are awesome and have been taught by a long line of missionaries, they have questions and concerns but I feel that they have been prepared by the Lord.  They are interested, they just want answers to their questions, which sometimes is hard.  
We have done some GQ'ing (Street Contacting) and we met a couplpe of potential investigators that we are going to meet.  We are focusing on expanding our teaching pool.  Its a good goal that I know we can reach if we just trust in the Lord and put our heart into it.  
Oh yea guess what?  My bike seat cushion got knicked(stolen) by some Chavs(gangsters) ahhh!!!!  We were in Park North, super ghetto place, and some chavs came up to us and started talking and i got distracted and forgot to put it in my bag and they knicked it when we left.  ahhhh!!! oh well lol
T-Minus 5 days until David A. Bednar comes to Birmingham! I'm so excited!  We each get to shake his hand.  I'm gonna take a picture and send it home because it will be awesome!!!  I cannot wait for Saturday!
Lower Lights District

We had a trainer trainee meeting a couple of days ago.  That was cool i got to see some of my MTC buddies and hang for about an hour.  It was a fun time seeing them and seeing how much everybody has grown in these 4 weeks out. 
I love being a missionary.  Sharing the gospel and watching people accept it and grow is an amazing thing.  I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve a mission as a 19 year old.

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