Monday, February 6, 2012

week 30

Things are going good here.  We are doing loads of finding.  We tract 1 street a day and have found some way cool people so im excited to see what comes of it.  I'm with Elder McGregor,  he is the best!  He is from Utah and has been out about 19 months.  He has been sick so he's trying to get over that.  
not one of our investigators, but one of the investigator's dogs :)
Elder McGregor
So it snowed on the 4th!  It was cool, we made a snowman hahaha.  I realised snow is cool until you have to be a missionary in it , then it's not so cool.  But it was good, we shoveled the church and a couple of drives for people.  We're on busses right now, so at least I'm not riding my bike in the snow.  On Sunday we went over to Wandas! She is the best and they made me a cake for my birthday--awesome!  It was a good b-day!  

So 2 exciting things--I hit my six month mark and I had a tie burning ceremony and I'm singing in 2 weeks with Elder McGregor in Sacrament Meeting--too bad I can't really sing!
Here are a couple of pictures of a pretty church up on a hill:

Firetruck (note from editor--I hope their apartment wasn't on fire--I'll have to ask :))


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