Monday, February 20, 2012

week 32

Right now we only have one investigator, Claire.  She is doing alright and she got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, but she needs to make sure its wasn't just her saying that.  She hasn't been to church so that is really our main focus right now.  She loved the Plan of Salvation, just the whole concept of it really. 
Most of the members of the ward are older, in their 60s and above, and they are long time members. There are some younger members and a couple of recent converts. 
Our flat is right on the wharf and in the town centre.  It's way close to where we shop.  We shop at a place called Tescos.  Its like a Walmart mixed with a Savemart hahaha so its pretty good.  We have been using our bus passes lately but we bike as well.  Not as much as past companions because Elder Mcgregor hates biking haha unlike me; I love it, it keeps me fit. 
I'm getting my bike tomorrow so I will be sure to get pictures and send them to you next email.  It's a road bike with a fixed frame so there aren't shocks like mine now haha.  It's lighter with a really good brake system. It will be good. 
Our area is decent in size and we go all over for tracting.  Basically whenever we are in an area we will do some tracting. 
The closest missionaries are like a 30 minute bike ride and thats our district leader, Elder Garroway.  He is way cool, I'm going on exchange with him on Thursday.  I don't see Elder Seigel much anymore, we aren't in the same district, so I only see him at transfers and zone meetings (which is tomorrow so that will be fun).
The boys in the district

Dinner from KFC!

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