Monday, March 5, 2012

week 34

I live on a street called old bridge and its right next to a canal old bridge that leads to an old castle--its AWESOME!!! 
Elder Lyman is 1 transfer older than me.  I have been out just about 8 months and he just hit his 9 month mark.  It's cool because were both young!  He has served in Nuneaton in Birmingham and Evesham and now here.  He was here last transfer as well so he knows the area a little.  He's from Fruit Heights Utah,  graduated from Davis too (hahaha)!  We're going to work crazy hard!
The country of Wales is absolutely BE-A-U-TIFUL.  There are loads of beaches, and gorgeous countrysides!  We live in a city called Haverfordwest.  It is a nice city and really big as well.  We live right in town centre, so thats convenient. We have a two story flat.  It's way nice, it's above a tattoo parlor hahaha ironic.  We're like pretty much besties with the guy that works there haha he is a way cool guy!  Most people here speak English, that is their first language, but then they can speak Welch.  It's a weird language hahaha.
Our area is the biggest area in the mission.  We cover hundreds of miles.  There are big cities and small ones and villages as well.  Our main form of transportation is bus.  We bus everywhere and walk as well.  We spend loads of time traveling.  We were on a bus to church and it was about an 1 hour bus ride. 
The closest missionaries are like a 2 hour train ride away, so not much contact with the outside world.  Here we have a branch.  We don't have a chapel yet, but one is being built and should be finished in November.  We meet in the Johnston Institute Building, which I think is like a community centre.  So we get to church early and set up chairs and the sacrament table and all that.  The branch is very small, yesterday there were probably 30 members there.  It will be different but I'm excited!   

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