Monday, March 12, 2012

week 35

Wales is really so beautiful!

Our area is very big and we find people all the usual ways.  We tract, we stop by potential and former investigators' houses, we get referrals from members and we contact people on the street.   Funny story about street contacting and me not speaking Welsh. We were walking up this street and there is this older women so I go up and say something like, "Hi ma'am how are you?" and she grunts something in Welsh.  And I thought, its a good think I speak Welsh--not.  It's a funny language.  We also use the area book, which is a book that has everybody in it that has been taught and baptised, who was taught and never baptised, who is being taught, people we meet on the streets. It has an area map in the front, it's full of everything and we look at this everyday and use it to plan out our days and what not.
Out tracting by the ocean!

Man this week has been absolutely nuts.  We worked so hard and it was one of those weeks where you just get nothing.  But we did get a lot of tender mercies and I am grateful for that.  I'm excited for this upcoming week.  We are gonna work sooo hard!  We are teaching a couple of people right now, two women.  They are way cool.  One of them actually stopped the previous elders and wanted to know more.  We are starting from the beginning teaching her about the Restoration and what not.  The other wants to be baptised we just have to set her on a date, we are teaching her and helping her to recognize the promptings of the spirit. 
The branch is small, probably 30 active members if not less.  It's pretty mixed there are families as well as older people.  I'ts good, but the problem is the area is sooo huge that everyone is all spread out.  It makes it hard, and not everyone has cars and ugh it can get frustrating sometimes.  The branch president is AWESOME!!  He is the funniest guy ever!  He has two 10 year old boys, I think they are twins. 

He lives on a farm so we help him work on the farm every Thursday.  I should have brought my boots lol.  Last Thursday I cut wood and fed chickens--pretty awesome! 
When we were helping at his farm last Thrusday we took lunch break at the beach because you can see the ocean from his place its about a 5 minute drive.  So yea hahaha awesome--never thought I'd be at the beach!

Elder Lyman is the man.  We are getting along way good!   Things are good.  Our flat is great!!  Man it has a dryer which is soooo rare in England/Wales.  We mostly just air dry using drying racks but its soo much faster this way hahaha I love it!  We are right in town as well so we don't have to travel to far to get to places.  On Sundays we teach the investigators' class when any investigators come. Besides that we just help set up because we aren't in a proper building. We are actually teaching the sharing time in primary next week so that will be fun!  But we haven't been asked to teach or speak in sacrament meeting.  

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