Monday, March 19, 2012

week 36

Elder Lyman and I singing a little somethin on our ukes:

Happy St. Patricks Day!   I don't think they celebrate St. Patrick's Day here, I didnt know it was St. Patricks day til I got that card from you.   
One of our investigators is doing really well.  She asks 500 bajillion questions. We are going to help her move tomorrow and then teach her after.  It will be good fun.  I'm excited to see how she progresses.  We have tried to see our other investigator twice now and each time she has flogged us.  Basically we go to her house and knock and she isn't there.  So we're not too sure about her right now. 
We are doing loads of finding!  Talking to everyone!  People will stop but only a few will listen.  The branch is getting a building and it will be finished in November, so thats soo cool.  We were on the bus and we drove past the site and we were saying, "ahh yea its looking good" and some kid behind us started asking us questions so we were chatting with him and we gave him a Book of Mormon and we are seeing him tomorrow.  He is awesome! 

The other day we went up to this village called Mathrey, which is in the middle of nowhere wales byt the coast.  We had to take two buses to get there hahaha.  We were speaking to a member and he said he had a friend in this village but he had no address.  Well we got there and we tracted the whole village hahaha it was pretty awesome! 
Last week after we emailed we hopped a ride with a member and we went to this place called Barafundel Bay which is supposed to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world!  So we got there but we had to walk some distance. The member didn't come because he is older and he didn't want to walk. So we walked, but we went the wrong way beacuase there was a fork--and we went to Stackpole Quay( pronounced key).  Hahaha we didn't even make it to Barafundel but Stackpole was gorgeous so here are some pictures. 

For conference we will be traveling to New Castle Emlyn which is about 3-4 hours from here northeast.  So we go up there to do that!  I'm excited that will be way fun! 

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