Wednesday, April 11, 2012

week 39

Happy Easter!  We had 5 less active members at church!  Afterward,we didn't do anything special. Just came home, ate dinner and went and stopped by to see some people.   A recent convert called us and said to come over, she had some sweets for us.  So we went over and she had a bag of easter eggs and chocolate.  It was Awesome!!

Our investigator didn't come to church, she wouldn't answer our calls. oh well. We are going to invite her to a baptism this weekend in NewCastle Emlyn to see what she thinks.  Hopefully she will want to go. 
We are doing a lot of finding and we have found some pretty cool people that I'm excited about.  The Lord is blessing this area in little ways and now its our job to take those tender mercies and turn them into miracles. 
The Abber District

Transfers were good.  I am............staying in Milford Haven.
Elder Lyman is..............staying in Milford Haven.
This transfer is going to be soooo fast because it is the 5 week transfer and it is just going to fly by. 
Man my mission is flying right on by. Daddy Elder Dahl went home yesterday!  It made me realize how fast this goes and then I realized I have been out 9 months!  ahhhh!!!   It's scary to think that it is only going to get faster and faster then poof, it will be gone!   

We have been biking a lot lately and it is good fun, I love it much more than the bus.  So we caught a train to Milford Haven and took our bikes.  Then from Milford we biked to Neyland which is about 5 to 6 miles and half of it is uphill because we are in Wales lol. So we biked that in about an hour and saw potentials and formers and members and less actives, and then we left about 8 for our 836 train and we cruised to make it.  We pulled up at the roundabout and the train was already in so we shot across and just caught it, I was soo shattered!

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