Monday, April 23, 2012

week 41

This week we had no investigators because our one investigator was out of town, so we did finding and service for members.  

On Monday we went to Barafundle Bay--one of the top ten beaches in the world and also stack rocks these huge cliffs!  awesome day!  

Tuesday we did finding and found this way awesome lady who invited us back!  

Wednesday was district meeting and service for the Branch President. 

The coolest day was Friday.  We did some finding in the morning before a service project and I am speaking to this guy and I leave him a card when this other guy comes up and says, "hey elder!".  I'm like what what!  We get chatting and he had been taught before and wasn't too interested; but he told me he had a friend from California living just up the road and he was going through a rough patch. So we stopped by and met him and his girlfriend and they are awesome and they are trying to quit smoking so we are going to come around Thursday and teach them the church's stop smoking program and start teaching them!!  It was sooo cool! 
Im happy, loving the mission

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