Monday, June 11, 2012

week 48

Thanks to my primary friend who fasted for the missionaries last Sunday.   Last Sunday we taught an amazing lesson to a family of 5 who are way interested in learning about the gospel.  Thanks to his sacrifice and faith we were able to see that miracle! 
I just want to say that a mission goes so fast it's unreal!   I have learned so many things that would have taken me ages to learn, plus I have met amazing people that will be lifetime friends!  I love this work.  Thanks for the quote from Elder Remington's blog..."'Obedience brings blessings and exact obedience brings forth miracles' BAM! Is that powerful or what?"  "Obedience brings blessings"--The Lord sees our desire and our effort so He blesses us.  "Exact obedience brings miracles"--I find this one interesting because I have always been pretty obedient and I've always been blessed and watched over, but it has only been recently that I have been exactly obedient; and I feel that is saying to God "look you have told me to obey but I'm going to go above and beyond".  "When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, God will endow us with power."  Powerful quote.  As obedience becomes a part of us, and becomes second nature it doesn't seem to be something that is hard, and at that very point God will give us power.  We've been given the authority, but its not until we understand that, and strive to be obedient and dilligent, that we obtain power. 
This work is a work of miracles only if we allow God to use us.  This is His work and so often we try to rely on our own experience and skills to figure out a situation or make our plans for the day, but in doing so we limit the power of God in our work.  If we turn to him for EVERYTHING, we are able to see his hand in the work and we see miracles. 
This Sunday at church we had 4 investigators at church and those 4 are a family.  We have another family of 5 we are teaching and we have 2 more individuals we are seeing.  The Lord is showing forth his hand in this work and using his instruments (us ) to bring his prepared children back. 
I know this work is a business of saving souls.  How great is our calling. 

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