Monday, June 18, 2012

week 49

Croeso Hwlffordd!  That's welsh!
Last week was a tough one.  We have seen miracles since day one and they have changed my view on things.  But right now we feel that the Lord is saying, "Alright I have given you loads of miracles and blessings but now here is some hard ground and let's see if you have what it takes to keep your faith and diligence and trust in me. Then when you push through this there are miracles waiting for you."  We have had some people stop investigating and we have had struggles teaching and even giving out books but we have been pushing through and not forgeting the Lord.  But we had an amazing experience the other day.  The family we are teaching came to church the other day for the 2nd time!!  They liked it and they were leaving and the dad runs back in and taps me on the shoulder and says, "I almost forgot, this is for the church."  And he hands me an envelope with some money in it.  I just had a blank shocked stare and said thank you so much!  I walked away just gobsmacked at the fact he just paid tithing, it was brilliant!  We are seeing miracles and the Book of Mormon is changing the lives of people. I was on exchanges so Elder Hoffmann was here and we went to see a former investigator and they were clearly not interested as the door was slammed in our face. So we did some flogg 10 (which means knock the doors around when a teaching appointment falls through) and we met this wonderful woman!  She was friendly and we started talking and she was helping a friend who had just lost her father and she said "well I know what she is going through because I lost my husband and father last year."  We bore testimony of the plan of salvation and how she would see her family members again.  The spirit was soo strong and she began to cry.  We got a return appointment and we are going to see her next Tuesday.  Powerful and amazing.  We will continue to be obedient, work hard and I know we will see miracles. 
beautiful sunset
Transfers are next week!  This one has been fast and slow at the same time!  I'm not too sure about any special events with the mission president swap, but its gonna be a crazy week!  Lots of travel to meet people and say goodbye and what not.  I'm sad President Ogden is leaving!  He is an amazing man! I'm a little nervous for this new president, I dont know why I'm just worried, but oh well nothing I can do about it so just move on and keep doing what I'm doing. 
Elder Brewer
Elder Brewer is my companion's name, we are in the same group, we sat on the plane next to each other over here.  He is from Springville, Utah.  He is a good guy, humble, hardworking, loves his mission.  He is the district leader and he is cool! 

Quick funny story so it was hardcore windy Thursday, massive storm or something, but we were biking and getting destroyed; so we went to take a lunch break and we sat crounched down behind this statue because it was the only thing that would stop the rain and wind hahaha.

Me in the ocean (haha) sweet wall!

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