Wednesday, June 27, 2012

week 50

This week is absolutely a crazy week!!  I am staying in Milford Haven, so at the end of this transfer it will be 6 months in this are--that is the longest I've been in an area!  I'm excited because we are seeing miracles.  

President Ogden and Rasmussen do the switchero on Friday morning and then boom new mission president.  Apparently the second President Rasmussen's plane touches ground the keys are his. When he gets off the plane President Ogden hands him the keys, the phone, and shows him the mission home; then about an 1 hour later he leaves hahaha crazy!! So on the 3rd of July we meet President Rasmussen, then on the 5th of July we have interviews with him.  It is going to be a lot of travel and meetings next week.  I have mixed feelings right now because I love President Ogden and he has done so much for me, but I need to give President Rasmussen a chance.  I'm sure everything will be fine.  Whatever happens is the will of God so...

So the family we have been teaching is doing great! We hit some rocky patches and some hurdles but we had an amazing lesson yesterday with them, and they said they know this church is true and that they want to be baptised-- but they want to make sure they are ready so they are praying about a date and we are going to see them tomorrow.  It is sooo coool!!  I love that family.  The younger daughter is way crafty and she made us these cards hahaha it was awesome!

So the weather here is way bipolar. One second blazin hot, then out of no where boom dumping it down.  It's crazy. 

I am absolutely lovin the mission right now.  It is good.  We are being blessed and the Lord is testing our faith, but I think we're pushing through fairly well. 

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