Monday, July 2, 2012

week 51

It's gonna be sad this transfer because in August one of the families is moving to Canada:(  they are really awesome as well!  The family we have been teaching is doing alright I guess.  They were told a lot of anti-Mormon things by their "friends".  They were told you had to show your p60 (end of the year summary of all your earnings) to the bishop.  That got them, they don't like that; but we have told them millions of times its not true, we even had the branch presidency go over and tell them, but they are stuck on it.  We are praying for them and hoping that they will realise that it's not true. 
We are finding a couple of people but it's challenging. We managed to give out 8 books this week.  It was a struggle, but were not letting that get us down at all. We're pushing through it and keeping our faith and looking up. 
It's a busy week.  We have zone conference tomorrow in Rwbina, which is down in Cardiff.  Then Thurdsday we have interviews in Swansea.  Then Friday Elder Brewer has his driving test so we have to drive up to Pembroke for that.  Then Saturday we are going to New Castle Emlyn for a baptismal interview.  Whew, busy busy busy!   This week will go by really fast!  Plus I'm going on exchanges this week with Aberystwyth so that will be sweet! 
I'm excited to meet President Rassmussen and also nervous.  I don't know what to expect.  It will be fine, he was called to the EBM for a reason, so we need to help him to feel welcome.  President Ogden was loved and we need to show the same love to President Rassmussen. 
For obvious reasons we will not be celebrating the 4th of July, we will do that in private hahaha.  I wish it was warm like at home.  We have just had the wettest June on record and so far are having the wettest July on record hahaha.  Not much of a summer. 
I have some fun pictures this week!

so this advert was the coolest thing I've ever seen so I had to get a pic!  hahaha


Attack of the Meerkats!  hahaha funniest pic EVER!!  We saw this garden when we were tracting and I was like hold a sec I have to take a pic of this!  hahaha  This is like a film picture, When Meerkats Strike!  lol

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