Monday, July 16, 2012

week 53

I have been a missionary for 1 year now.  It is absolutely crazy how fast it has gone, and how incredibly fast it will continue to go.  I have learned so much over this year and now comes the application part, I need to apply what I have learned and that's when I can become the best missionary I can be. 
We have been working so hard and everybody has dropped, about 99% of our teaches flogg us, it's just been difficult. I am so grateful for my mission and the experiences and opportunities I have had because even though many have been hard, a lot have been joyful.  And 1 joyful experience balances out with 10 bad ones.  But all these experiences, bad and good, have shaped me and helped me to become a better person.  I am so grateful for that because of those experiences I have learned a little more about the Saviour and how he works with me and how through him I can find happiness. 
One lesson I have learned that means more to me than anything is God is our loving Heavenly Father.  What is important to us BECOMES important to him.  The things that we want and need, he wants to give to us if we work for it.  We just have to be patient and trust in God.   We are just working hard and trying to trust in God a little more than we have been. God works in mysterious ways but if we just give ourselves to him the mysteries of God will be unfolded.

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  1. Very, very true! Sometimes it amazes me that an all powerful God is so all loving that our concerns are His concerns.