Monday, July 30, 2012

week 55

New Testament will be so much fun to learn and teach, I absolutely love it, I just finished reading Matthew and it's brilliant, you can feel Christ's love for the people in the way he teaches them. 
Things are pressing on.  We really don't have anybody to teach, we have one pretty good potential but she is out of town this week so we can't teach her.  We are just finding all the time and trying to find the elect.  Yesterday we had this guy come up in our face and say "show me God!"  We were like well the earth is a creation of God.  He was like "no! show me God!"  We were like mate I can't show you physical proof.  He says let me show you something, so he takes of his sunglasses and drops them, "there is gravity, proof"  I wanted to say, show me gravitiy!  I want to physically see gravity.  You can't show me gravity just like I can't show you God.  It takes faith that gravity is there just as much as it takes faith God it there.  But I didn't, I just walked away because he was too angry and hard-hearted to listen to anything I was gonna say. 

So we didn't have church yesterday, that's the second time that's happened on my mission.  Since the chapel isn't built yet, we are renting a hall and they called and said they were doing construction on the hall so it would be out of use Sunday.  I was like wow the same time we meet, and have met for like 30 years, rubbish.  So we went around and gave the sacrament to some people--it was an interesting day.  

The Lord puts these trials in front of us to help us grow and build.   I've learned to perservere and to be happy and that there is no point being down and sad because it's only causing yourself misery, so be happy!  The best lessons are learned the hardest ways.

Bike Ride on the way to Broad Haven

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