Monday, July 23, 2012

week 54

We had a heat wave the past couple of days, it's supposed to roll into this week, but right now it's looking pretty cloudy.  So we will see.
The teaching pool is negative 5 right now, no I'm mucking about. We don't have any proper investigators, we have a couple of good potentials that we are trying to get to new investigator status but we are just not sure.  We are speaking to everybody.  Some days it's good and others no one wants to even say hello.  The sun kind of helps a little so I like it!  We did some painting for this one bloke, who is having us around tonight!  So that looks promising.  We are just speaking to people, doing service and just trying to have faith in Jesus Christ and hope that everything is going to work out for the best.  It is rough some days when no one says hello, not a door opens, but it becomes all worth it when you keep pushing through and you meet someone really cool.  

So a dodgey story: we were biking home from church, which is about 8 miles, and we were cruisin' down this hill.  We get to this roundabout, a tiny one, and there is no one there but one car in front of us and the car is slowing down and then it stops completely.  I'm behind it and I pull the brakes and I'm getting closer to this car, and my back tyre slides out and I go drift onto the footpath.  Elder Brewer is cruising down and screams to me elder b my brakes dont work move, so I scooted like an inch and he whizzed by.  in the meantime this lady is still sitting at the roundabout so we bike off.   Thanks to Heavenly Father and good brakes we got away unscratched and alright.

(I had asked Michael about a word I read in a newspaper article--whinging and this was his response: "yea they use that and these words too
muckin about- messin around
gobsmacked- shocked
lad/bloke- man"
All is well here!

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