Thursday, August 9, 2012

week 56

I have loads of pictures because I wasn't sure if I was leaving:
Michael and the Williams family
Michael and the Prior family 
Michael and Alex Edge
Michael with the Prior and Edge families
Well transfers came and are gone.  We got the call Monday night and I am staying in Milford Haven.  Elder Brewer is leaving to Cheltenham to be a Zone Leader, and I am training a new missionary.  I'm excited for the chance I have to train, i just hope I don't mess up too badly.  I will do my best, because that's all anyone asks for.  So we got home around 10:30 last night and I was dead tired, and he was as well, he had gotten up at 4:30 that morning.  Poor kid.  But he really is the man and I'm glad I have the opportunity to serve with him. 

Michael and Elder Dutton
So my boy is Elder Dutton from Riverton, Utah near Draper.  He is the mans mans man.  He ran track and cross country in high school and went to UVU for a year before the mission.  He is excited to work and get going!  I'm excited for him as well, he is a good lad!  I am super nervous, but excited as well.  It will be a good experience that will definitely force me to stretch and grow.  I'm excited for the things that will happen in these upcoming transfers together. 
Sometimes we think we are not qualified enough or experienced enough, but the Lord knows exactly what we need, and maybe we are unqualified for most of the job, but one part we will be really good at and we will excell!  The Lord knows and loves us and wants our happiness!

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