Monday, August 27, 2012

week 59

Hahaha nope never a dull moment in the mission field!    I love President Rasmussen he is the man! He loves EVERYBODY!!! And he is just an example to me on how to have charity.  And how we find happiness and joy through love and charity. I was reading in Alma 43-44 today and I need to trust in god and do all I can to develop love.  So that is my goal.  We have a zone conference tomorrow so we will see him and Elder Donaldson of the Seventy come and speak to us.  

Well we are finding all day everyday and it's not going anywhere to be honest.  It's pretty dry at the moment.  We are trying our best and coming up with new ideas but it's difficult.  The members are amazing they are so supportive and willing to come out with us which is more difficult because we don't have anyone to teach so it's just stop by potentials and knock em out.  

I don't have any pictures really lol I'm sorry. I'll take more this week and send loads next week is that alright, plus I'm emailing from a members iPad because today is a bank holiday so the library is closed lol iPads are awesome!!!!  
Instead of pictures how about a testimony:
I know this church is true.  The gospel of Jesus Christ can bless our lives.  I have the strongest testimony of the amount of love God has for each and every one of us.  He really does love us and wants us to be happy.  The atonement of Jesus Christ can change lives and I've learnt that we can use the atonement for really anything that causes us pain or suffering.  It has a power behind to heal and cleanse from anything and everything.  I love our Saviour for the sacrifices he has made, is making and will make for me.  It is an unending line of me owing him everything I have but I love it, because It testifies of all the things Christ does for me.  I love this gospel, through it we can really come to know and love our Saviour which I feel I have come to do.  

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