Monday, September 3, 2012

week 60

Michael giving a Book of Mormon to a squirrel

You have no idea, well you probably do, but post makes my day!  I love it soo much. 
This week was a trying week yet again.  We find all day, every day, hoping that someone will want to listen. Then by the grace of God on Saturday we found someone.  She is mid to late 20's with a little son.  She was really interested in the plan of salvation.  We were able to leave her with a Book of Mormon and she said we could come around next Saturday, so I'm looking forward to Saturday! 

Weird beware signs

Floating bikes
I was able to bear my testimony yesterday and I know that Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us.  He is concerned for us.  "We are the very reason that there was an atonement and that there is a plan of salvation and exaltation." Elder Holland.  I have learned that we laugh at the Lamanites and their eternal pride cycle and we laugh at Laman and Lemuel and how daft they were. But I have noticed how much of a Laman and Lemuel I am and can be and how my pride cycle can sometimes spin faster than the Lamanites.  We are quick to point at others and don't notice that we have it as well.  I know my pride cycle is whizzing around and I'm constantly either humbling myself or unfortunatley for me being humbled.  I am trying my best to really be a Nephi.  When asked to do something just to have a good attitude in doing it.  It's not a difficult thing to do but it becomes hard when something hard is placed in front of us. 
We had Zone Conference and Elder Donaldson of the area 70 came and spoke to us and he gave us a formula that fits in with this.  DESIRE=FAITH+ATTITUDE=ACTION  so our desire is shown by our faith and attitude and if we have both then we can really transform our desires into realities.  I thought that was so cool because you see it.  It is an amazing thing, I love it.
Most of the time we cook for ourselves, which involves pasta and sausages and pasta sauce or rice and chicken with curry sauce.  But members feed us pulled pork sandwiches, mexican food, lasagne, spaghetti bolonase.  It's all good food.  
I've learnt so many things on my mission.  I dont know if so far on my mission ive done any good for others but one thing is for sure, i learnt to trust in god and know that He loves us and is always watching out for us.  

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