Monday, September 24, 2012

week 63

I'm still in Milford for the 6th transfer so at the end of this it will be 9 months in this area.  Unfortunately if I do get transferred on October 31st I will miss the opening of the chapel, but its alright because we don't ever really see the ending result in this life anyway.  We work and work and work then in the next life we see it and how much joy will we have when we do.

I'm working on improving myself, one thing i working on is saying better more meaningful prayers that are guided by the spirit.  If I pray with the spirit he will tell me what to say and I will know that is the will of God.  I'm working on working smarter.  I think and feel I am a hard worker but if I can now work smarter as well that will help.  So many things i want to learn and apply.  It's ok i have time. I want to get in habits of doing things that way when I come home I can still do these things.

Well that lady we found because I wrote down the wrong address is moving back home to North Wales, which is out of our area and out of our mission.  That's ok, we are going to see her tonight and get her details so we can refer her to the elders up there, then she leaves tomorrow.  i hope she continues to progress and wants to learn more.
We got a media referral the other day actually.  Basically if you go on you can request a missionary visit and it goes to SLC and then distributes to missions, then to missionaries. so we got one who lives in a small town/village about 30 minutes away.  So we called him and I can't tell if he is a nonmember or a Less active but we are seeing him
tomorrow night so we will find out for sure.  He said he really wants to come back to church so whether he is a member or not, he wants to come to church which is the important bit.

This transfer is dedicated to Thomas S Monson because October will mark 49 years of being an apostle. So everyone in the mission is setting a goal to baptise once this transfer, so that is our goal and I know we can accomplish it!
So we are going to rely on God, work smart and work hard and we will be blessed with a baptism.

My mission is shaping me and giving me these experiences and trials because I have a sneaking suspicion that I will have similar trials later so God is preparing me for that.  I am grateful I came on a mission. The experiences, the friends the memories I have had are amazing and I will never forget them. Tell your seminary kids to go on missions because it is the best decision they will ever make in their life.  It will give them 40 years of life experience crammed into 2
years,  it will make them better than when they left and they will see the change and be grateful for the opportunity they had to be shaped by the Lord.  It is an amazing experience.

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