Monday, October 1, 2012

week 64

The weather here is... hmmmm...., it's raining and getting cold and soon it will be freezing.  Hahaha oh well it's autumn now so we will prep for a cold winter.

Things are good here.  The chapel is looking amazing and everyone is sooo excited to get in it.  We were able to get a new investigator.  She seemed really excited, well so I heard because I was on exchanges when it happened, which is how it always seems to go down hahaha.  Good things happen when I'm on exchange lol.  But it's all good, she is busy for about a week so we won't be able to see her til next week.  Things are good we just need to find someone to teach this week because I think I told you that this transfer is the Thomas S. Monson transfer.  The goal is to baptise 1 this transfer so we really need to find that person this week so I'm putting everything to God.

For Conference on Saturday and Sunday we are going to Abberystwyth again for the weekend and spend the night with the elders there.  It will be a good week.

I know that this area is being blessed, and i have learned that it isn't about me receiving the blessings, but the area receiving them because the people need it.  This area is being blessed, a chapel, excitement, and then missionaries will reap like crazy!

It will be sooo good!

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