Tuesday, October 9, 2012

week 65

Sorry I didn't email yesterday.  It was the Thomas S Monson Transfer Football tournament (aka mission football)  so we were in Cardiff all day.  Man it was sooooo muddy because it poured that morning and then it was misty all day but it was so fun to play in--we all were soaked and covered in mud hahaha I scored 3 goals!  It was awesome!

Our little mission footy team!  We rock!!

So conference was awesome!  The announcement!  Oh man that is absolutely crazy.  Missionary work is being pushed so hard and do you know why?  Because it is an experience that will set you up for the rest of your life so they want everyone to have the chance.  I loved Quentin L Cook's talk in the Saturday morning session.  It was really good. That Saturday session really tugged on the ole heart strings and I was able to learn and receive some good insight.

So we left Haverfordwest Saturday morning and got to Cardiff, where the Zone Leaders picked us up and we chilled and got all ready for conference by making our food and stuff.  Then we went to the Saturday morning session at 5pm. hahaha crazy time change!  Then the Zone Leader's did a baptismal interview so we split up with some other missionaries and went out and did some finding.  That was really cool, and cold.  It is most definitely autum time because the leaves are changing colours and it is getting cold!

Then Sunday came and at 10 am we watched the Priesthood session live lol.  Then at 1:00 pm we watched the Saturday afternoon session, and at 5:00 pm we watched the Sunday morning session.  We cant see the Sunday afternoon session because it is at 9:00 pm, so that's kind of lame, but oh well it's a privilege to see what we can.

Monday morning we drove to Cardiff from Ponty Pridd, the ZL's area, and played footy from like 1130 to 1500.  We played hard, our little team of 12, and we got 3rd place out of 4.  Not bad, we could have gotten second but we had to
cut our last game short because we basically got kicked off the field.

I have learned on my mission, especially in the last 3 months or so, to just ask.  You never know what the answer might be--so you might as well just ask it anyway. 

So some news with our District. there are 3 new missionaries coming in on Wednesday. Mid-transfers, from Provo because they had to learn English.   So here is how our district is now:
New Castle-                  Llanelli-
Sister Lafevre                Elder Parham
Sister Benson                Elder Destriboui(DL)

Abberystwyth-                Milford Haven-
Elder Mucca                   Elder Dutton
Elder Quilter                   Me

Since last night was a mid transfer dodge night, here is our new district:
New Castle-                  Llanelli-
Sister Lafevre                 Elder Parham
Sister Lewis                    Elder Kulows

Abberystwyth-                Milford Haven-
Elder Mucca                   Elder Dutton
Elder Destribuoi(DL)     Me

So Elder Destriboui just moved areas in the same district and Sister Benson is opening a brand new area and training a new Sister missionary from Armenia! And they are on bikes! hahaha its absolutely crazy!  

All is well here, we are working hard to get a baptism still this transfer.  I know this week will be good, I'm pumped to be effective, smart, and work hard this week and see what happens.  We are trying this week to hit standard of excellence and hit all of our goals!  It is going to be a good week for sure!

Tomorrow we have a Zone meeting in Swansea, so that will be good.  The Zone leaders will teach us a bit and train us so that will be good!

It's been a good week!  And it will only get better!

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