Monday, October 15, 2012

week 66

Mission football WAS awesome.  I'm finally not sore anymore from it.  It took a while to recover.  Just a little about some of the other missionaries:  Elder D is from France, he is the district leader and he is pretty cool, he is way funny.  Elder P is
from Arizona and he is a stud and a way hard working missionary.  Sister L is from India!  That's pretty cool, I haven't met her, but she sounds legit.  We just have a way cool district, everybody gets along and loves each other!  It's brilliant!

So I learned how to play some songs on the ukelele.  I have a little collection of songs now. It's pretty awesome, because it's my mission uke-- all my companions have signed it!  So it's just a way cool memory of my mission.

Today is gonna be legit.  We are just gonna chill out, write some letters, clean, eat, sleep, and then tonight we are meeting with a couple of members and we're gonna play some squash, which is just like raquetball, except smaller.  And then have a FHE with the sickest family EVER!!  It's gonna be a good day.  

The chapel is looking soo good!  We get the keys the 23 of November!  It's just around the corner!  I'm soo excited for the branch, they deserve it and need it!

Things are good here, we are working hard and have some solid potentials.  We're going to see them all this week so it will be good.  Hopefully we can get one with a baptismal date.  it will be good!

I have learned that God truly does love us. Just like a parent who does all they can for their children and give them
opportunities to have a good life.  Well I know God is the same way.  He is our loving Heavenly Father,  he gives us opportunities to do things that will make us happy because when we are happy He is.  It's a fact.  In our white missionary handbook it says "your loyalty is first to the Lord, then to your mission president and then to your companion."   It keeps us focused.  If we're not focused on the list,  we can change our efforts a wee bit.

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