Tuesday, October 30, 2012

week 68 part 2

So I'm in Loughborough, pronounced Luff-bra.  It's in Birmingham right below Nottingham.  So I'm kicking it with Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest!  

It's a fairly big city.  It is a University town so there are loads of uni students.  I'm excited to work in a uni town.  I haven't seen this many people in a while so it's quite shocking hahaha.  The flat is really nice.  its small but homey and big enough.  Ours is the one with the blue door.
Elder Gomez (pronounced Elder Gometh) is the man from Spain.  His English is good, he has the classic Spanish accent and it reminds me of Senora Rubio sometimes hahaha.  I should have listened to her better hahaha.  It should be a good transfer for sure! I'm excited.  

It is a ward here and they have a building!!!  The ward is big, I've heard more than 100 people so thats interesting!  I might not like it after being in such a small close knit group i won't know everyone and their dogs lol but I'm going to do my best to get to know everyone the best I can and fast.  They just had a baptism a transfer back and we have 2 to 3 investigators who are working through things, but they are interested in learning.  I'm really quite excited to get to work and to see some miracles and success happen.  

i have some pictures from Milford that I never got to send.

St. David's Cathedral

Our last district meeting in Milford Haven.  I love these elders and sisters!

The William's Family (the mum was somewhere else)

The man himself. the legend of Pembrokeshire. Dr. Dickie 

The Martin Family

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