Monday, August 20, 2012

week 58

Over the past couple of weeks our luck has taken a turn for the worse and anything and everything that could happen that is bad, has happened.  We constantly miss trains, the tracks flood so they dont even run, appointments flogg us, people dont even stop on the street to chat, and more.  I'll go into detail for this one.
So I'm on exchanges with the District Leader and we are coming back from Camarthen to Haverfordwest and we miss our train because we went to talk to someone. So the elders in Abberystwyth come pick us up, we detach the bikes and throw them in the boot and drive to Milford Haven to a dinner appointment.  The dinner appointment goes fine and we bike up to some potential investigators to stop by and do a bit of tracting.  None of the potentials are home and it's off and on rain all night with the strongest wind ever, I almost got knocked of my bike a couple of times.  So we get done knocking and we try to unlock the bike lock and it isn't working hahaha great!  So we get kind of frustrated, say a prayer, and continue knocking doors then come back, note our train leaves in about 45 minutes, we try again and nothing.  So we look around trying to find something and we look over and see oil sitting on the pathway so we run over grab it and pour it on the lock, try again nothing.  Then this man is walking by and we say,  "sir do you have any bolt cutters or a saw we are trying to get our lock off."   And he's like "don't you have a key?"  probably thinking we are dodgy chavs trying to knick these bikes haha.  But he says "hold on a second" and he comes out with a saw and 30 minutes later he has successfully sawed through my lock hahaha.  So we bike fast to the train station and miss it by minutes, so we are like wow! what more can happen, boom rain, haha.  Then we bike to the senior couples home and fortunately they were able to give us a lift home. Then the bad luck continued the next day when we were supposed to switch back but the tracks flooded so we were stuck hahaha oh man its been crazy. 

The Lord has been saying hey muppet did you forget about me, I can do anything!  Ask me for some help in finding people, because I can guide you to mine elect!  The Lord rebukes but shows his loving kindness through a man with a saw and the senior couple who was so willing to give us a lift home.  We are going to be more bold with the Lord in our prayers.  We are going to expect to see miracles and do our best and then tell the Lord we are going to work hard, speak to everybody and be dilligent and obedient.  I know we are going to see miracles this week in Milford Haven!  God is going to guide and lead us to his prepared children and we are going to see miracles. 
I know that Jesus is the Christ and through him we can gain salvation.  Through the atonement we can find peace and happiness.  Heavenly Father is our father and loves and cares for us enough to allow trials to happen so we can learn and grow.  i know this gospel is true because Satan is working hard to make sure it doesn't move forward.  We are at war and we need to stand up and say enough is enough, we need more than ever to be Captain Moronis and Ammons and Aarons and Amuleks and stand for the truth and rely upon God!  I know that God loves us and desires our happiness and all we have to do is simply follow his commandments and we will find hidden happiness we never thought was possible.  I know this church is true and that the gospel was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and the plan of redemption is a pathway to happiness.  Just like jeffrey R Holland said,  "I testify we are all individually loved of God.  We are praised and prayed for by the leaders of this church we are the very reason there is a plan of redemption and exaltation." 
I feel I have learnt so much on my mission but a couple things I've learnt is to love the scriptures becuase as we read them we really can find answers and feel that God is speaking to us.  I learnt to trust in God and rely upon him for direction because im 20 years old, I have no idea what im doing or where I'm going, but he does so I need to turn to Him for help because I can't do it alone. 
We are having a zone meeting Wednesday and I'm way excited for that, we also have 5 DAs this week a record breaker! 

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