Monday, November 19, 2012

week 71

Thank you so much for the Christmas coat, it is soooo amazing!  I'm warm and ever since I've gotten it I've never been wet!  So it's amazing!  The christmas decos are already halfway up in town centre.  It's Christmas Season, so the decorations come out and the music is blasting!  Is Thanksgiving Thursday?  I don't even know when it is hahaha, we don't really have any plans.  I think we have a dinner appointment, but if not we will make all the food you sent me and enjoy! lol it will be good!  I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with all the family, give them all my love!
Things are good here in Loughborough!  We are focusing this week on working hard, smart and really following the direction from the Lord on what to do.  We have 3 pretty solid investigators. I love this area. The Lord is truly blessing us and I recognise his hand in it because there are miracles happening.  The Lord is truly blessing us and it is kind of nice to be seeing the miracles.   Here is some good news from Milford Haven, the chapel is almost finished (should be next week) and also they got 6 new investigators last week!!  AWESOME!!  That area is exploding!  So our investigator comes to church every week, she comes to institute, and we teach her twice a week!  She is really good and progressing really well.  I hope and pray that she recognises why it's essential to be baptised and how it can bring joy to her life.  We have these investigators and we are going to be seeking advise from the Lord on what they need, and if and when He feels they are ready for baptism.  The mission right now is stressing meeting our goal of 235 baptisms by the end of 2012 and we need 41, so its a big topic and I will baptise the people in the Lord's time so they can really receive the blessings of the church and prepare to go to the temple.  It's good!  I'm loving "Lufbra"!  The members love us, the people are awesome!  It's just great! 
The missionary force in Europe is going to explode!  President was saying  there are about 3,000 missionaries in Europe at the moment, and in the next months there will be around 5,000 missionaries!  So in the next months we will be getting about 70 new missionaries!  It's absolutely crazy!  And they will be so young!   
 I love the mission because I learn so many awesome life lessons that will help me so much in my life after the mission.  I think I might train again next transfer with the huge group coming in, but we will see.  It's already the 3rd week of the transfer, so things are flying! 
Things are good over here behind the blue door!

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